Spring 2011 Nail Polish Collections Review: Slideshow

After a brief hiatus last week (more to come on that tomorrow), I thought it would be fun to review all of the Spring 2011 Nail Polish Collections. For me, summer begins on Memorial Day weekend and I can hardly wait to start wearing all of the bright shades for summer. I will be doing a slideshow of the Summer 2011 Nail Polish Collections right before the holiday…so stay tuned.

In the mean time, stay “present” and enjoy our last two weeks of spring by celebrating with all of the beautiful shades that spring brought us this year…


WINNER: Best YELLOW Nail Polish is…

I’ve been on the fence about whether to embrace the yellow nail polish trend or not (see yellow trend watch here).  I tried dozens of yellow nail polish shades, with the majority ending up in comments from my friends of “Eew, looks like you smeared mustard on your fingernails.”  Or “Yuck, you look like you have jaundice.”  To just plain laughs.

I FINALLY found one that is soft, pretty, flattering, fun and cheap ($6).  When experimenting with trends it’s always wise to go with the cheapest option.  Save your money to invest in the classics that will last!

So, the winner, and Nail Polish Color of the Week is… (if you can’t see image below, click here.)

Color Name: “Butter”

By: American Apparel

Nail Polish Wardrobe Category: Trend

Color Description: Very light soft butter yellow.

{Beautiful outside} this week:

There are dozens of shades of yellow nail polish out right now.  Unless you have very dark skin, stick to lightest softest shades of yellow.  “Butter” is the most universally flattering, and looks amazing on dark skin.  Bright sunny yellow looks very unflattering on light skin tones.

As for neon yellow, it won’t work for me or my personal style.  If you feel like it is reflective of your style, at least wait until summer when it looks a little more appropriate.

I love “Butter” by American Apparel because everything about it says spring.  It’s fresh, light, and new.  I think it is a sophisticated way to indulge in the yellow nail polish trend.

I hope you feel just as {BEAUTIFUL outside.} wearing it this week as we all make an effort to CELEBRATE TODAY!


I found this image on Pinterest (my newest habit), and thought, HOW TRUE!  (If you cant see image, click here)

Buying something just because it’s a trend does not elevate your personal style.

Developing your own style is about choosing only those trends that:

  • Flatter you. Nothing is worse than wearing a trend for trends sake if it doesn’t make you look more beautiful.
  • Reflect the image you want to create for yourself.

If the trend doesn’t do both of these things, then pass and go with a classic instead.

Which brings me to the subject of the yellow nail polish trend that has been coming and going for the past few years.  It’s back for spring/summer 2011, in a big way. When Chanel goes with it (Mimosa from the Summer 2011 Chanel collection- click to view), I take notice.

Yellow nail polish is very hard to pull off. It is fun and edgy, but doesn’t flatter all skin tones.  Here are the celebrities that took a chance on the trend.

Anna Lynn McCord in sunny yellow nail polish on fingers and toes...

Anna Lynn McCord in neon yellow nail polish

Beyonce looking really sophisticated in yellow nail polish...not easy to do!

Katy Perry in bright yellow...

Natalie Portman...does anything NOT look great on her?

Rihanna in butter yellow with black nail designs...

What do you think?  Does it work for you? Loving it or leaving it?

{BEAUTIFUL inside.} this week: CELEBRATE TODAY.

FINALLY this morning…the sun is out!  (if you cannot see the image, click here.)

The first thing that I did upon waking was take my newly rehabbed IPod from last week’s challenge to have MORE MUSIC, and I jogged to the lake.

Once you start getting “present” and listening to what the universe is trying to tell you, it’s messages are fascinating.

As I am jogging along, randomly the theme song from “One Day at a Time” (the show from the 70′s with Valerie Bertinelli) came on and I laughed out loud.  My sister and I use to LOVE that show and would always dance around to the theme song.  Somehow, once again, the universe reconnected us, and for 47 seconds I was tempted to bop around at the stop light.  Instead I listened to the words…

This is it
This is life…the one you get
So go and have a ball

This is it
Straight ahead and rest assured
You can’t be sure at all

So while you’re here enjoy the view
Keep on doing you do
So hold on tight we’ll muddle through
One day at a time…

So up on your feet
Somewhere there’s music playing
Don’t you worry none
We’ll just take it like it comes

One day at a time…

Seriously? Who knew there was so much wisdom in a 70′s TV jingle.   I, like everyone else, spend a lot of time/energy worrying about a lot of things that never even come to be.  I decided then and there that for at least this week, I will make a concious effort to “take it as it comes, one day at a time”, and not worry my way into tomorrow.

So this week, being {Beautiful inside.} is all about: CELEBRATING TODAY.  I am going to find one little way each day to appreciate this day and not worry my way through.  I will make every effort to take each day as it comes.

I hope you will join me…oh, and clearly yellow is an inspiration for me this week.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the Nail Polish Color of the Week!

(image is from an unknown source)


The Daily Mail is reporting this morning that Kate Middleton chose Essie’s Allure nail polish ( a soft ivory) with a layer of Bourjois  T28 Rose Lounge ( a soft pink)  to perfectly match her skin tone for a classic, timeless bridal manicure.  (if you cant see images below, click here)

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Manicure- Essie's Allure layered with Bourjois 28 Rose Lounge

I wonder what she wore on her toes?  Perhaps she chose her “something blue” like this week’s Nail Polish of the Week !?

Love and light to William and Kate on this special day…



Image credits-

nail polish: appleloves.livejournal.com, essie.com, superdrug.com,

wedding photo:  Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images